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Ethereal Grace

Philosopher's Paradise

11 September 1987
External Services:
  • ladyolive1@gmail.com
  • poeticknowledge@livejournal.com
  • msanime1
10 Facts About Me

I am a writer. My goal is to become an author. I have a separate LiveJournal account for my writing (mostly poetry):


I have a knack for dream interpretation. If there is a weird or confusing dream that you can't figure out, send me an LJ message and I will try my best to interpret it for you. :)

I am an artist. I have artistic abilities, though I don't practice my techniques as much as I should. I love doing arts and crafts and anything else art-related.

I am experimenting with Sony Vegas Studio and Windows Movie Maker. I want to improve my video making and editing abilities.


I am an anime enthusiast. I have loved anime ever since Toonami aired on Cartoon Network.

I am a devoted fan of Darren Hayes (former singer of Savage Garden). He is now a solo artist.


Darren's MySpace page: http://www.myspace.com/darrenhayes

I am passionate about writing and receiving letters. I currently keep in touch with 8 pen pals, four of which live in the US and four who are outside the United States. Here is a link to an excellent community for meeting pen pals worldwide:


I am a huge movie fanatic. Some of my favorite films include Fracture, Crash, V for Vendetta, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Juno, and so forth.

I am an avid philosopher. I never stop questioning the meaning of life. I am also currently a philosophy/religion major at my school. I host weekly philosophical discussions and I am hoping that this will become my career. To participate in my weekly philosophical discussions, please visit this link:


In the future, I would love to do many more humanitarian deeds. I want to give back to my community and the world.

I consider myself a deep and philosophical person. I am wise, intelligent, insightful, optimistic, giving, sympathetic, kindhearted, and very in tune with my surroundings. People see me as quiet and nice, but I tend to open up more in small groups or in one-on-one conversations. I tend to work better in smaller groups as well, since it tends to be more cooperative. I prefer sitting in a comfortable chair and reading a good book to going out most of the time, but this doesn't mean that I don't know how to have fun. I love to write and chill out with friends. I love watching movies and writing. I am actually working on my first novel on top of school and other duties. It is about two friends who fall in love, and I hope to see it published in the future.

I am dependable, honest, and open with people who I know well. I have an obsession with anime, manga, Facebook, astrology, ghost stories (real occurrances), music, and Darren Hayes (former vocalist of Savage Garden). I am a nerd at heart and I consider myself to be a true romantic with an active imagination; this allows for my creativity in philosophy and in coping with new issues that present themselves in my life. I love looking through different perspectives, learning about other religions and cultures, and studying languages. I also love traveling. It gives me peace of mind and allows me to see things from a new perspective. I recently traveled to France, Italy, Monaco, and The Vatican, and had a delightful experience. The highlight of my trip was standing on the very top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! What a sight to see (even with my fear of heights)!

I encourage others to be themselves and open up. I like people to have honesty and display their true characters, regardless of what others think. I strongly believe that appreciation, love, and gratitude are the keys to happiness. When you are grateful for what you have and are not focusing on jealousy, you tend to be more happy overall.

If you feel moved: